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Day to Day Life: Weeks Twenty-Five and Six

Since I missed last week’s post, here are the last two weeks in photographs:

If you’ve been following along on the ever-growing pigeon adventure around here… Even though these are pigeons, we’ve taken to calling them chickens. There’s Mean Chicken and Dudley Guenther Chicken.
photo 5

An ice cold coconut matcha latte is my current favorite summertime beverage.
photo 4

Garden goodies that turned into a broccoli chowder with potatoes from the local farmer’s market.
photo 3

Chik’n pot hand-pies and cinnamon peach pop tarts using the same dough!
photo 2

Picking good avocados is a small, triumphant happiness every time.
photo 1

Oregon in the summer is lovely. P.S. Lake swimming is NOT at the top of my list of favorite things… I am and will always be an ocean girl. I’ve tried to keep an open mind, but that muck at the bottom of lakes… the jagged rocks… eww.

Zucchini and herbs from the garden…
photo 4

Turned into zucchini-potato cakes. With homemade BBQ sauce and a sunny side up egg. THUMBS UP for this impromptu, “I’m hungry – oh hey we don’t have kids to feed – oh wait my husband ate multiple bowls of homemade dark chocolate peanut butter granola for dinner” kind of dinner.
photo 5

This is Dudley. S/he has a splayed leg that may or may not grow the way it needs to… If not, she will be our pet pigeon. Her papa more or less attacked her and kicked her out of the nest, so she gets hand-fed and handled frequently. Her brother, Mean Chicken is right about the age where he’ll leave the nest.
photo 3

Good morning, cloudy day, from my bed, under the covers.
photo 2

Living with three dudes, especially when it’s summer, means A LOT OF FOOD is needed. Pizza galore! (BBQ chik’n pizza for the win that night!)
photo 1

Dinner another night. Don’t judge me. :)
photo 1

Silas Henry bowling a strike without any bumpers!
photo 4

While I usually don’t gloat, I had to take a picture of the final scores… because I beat my champ-bowler-husband. 1.) That NEVER happens 2.) My bowling “skills” are so ridiculous it’s not even funny 3.) This game must’ve been rigged somehow…
photo 5

Miss Nikki.
photo 3

Silas excavating some kind of craziness with his Nana.
photo 2

Blue and puffy.
photo 1

Roasted strawberry blondie experiment…
photo 5

The rain that hit us for a couple days off and on allowed our lilies to pop open! Usually the deer come and eat the buds before they ever get to flower… This is the first time this plant has had actual flowers in at least three years!
photo 4

Two birds, one stone… Beans and vegetable broth.
photo 2

Said beans, used alongside sweet corn and cheese enchiladas (with homemade enchilada sauce).
photo 3

Teri beef and shoyu chicken are common, delicious, dishes found in my Hawaii home. I made a vegetarian, seitan version that more or less combined both dishes… Served with Hawaii style mac salad, of course.
photo 1

Freeing these dudes that hitched a ride in the house on some broccoli and corn.
photo 2

Mama bird coming to check on her baby birds.
photo 5

A quick pesto made from basil in the garden, made into a sourdough pesto-cheese flatbread.
photo 3

Buzz, buzz, buzz.
photo 4

Day to Day Life: Week Nineteen

The last week looked a bit like this:


So many pretty spring blooms everywhere.


Monday was Cinco de Mayo. There was a lot of citrus involved…


Because a lot of fresh citrus means really good fresh margaritas!


Perhaps another good bad, or bad good, or bad bad idea for Cinco de Mayo — queso fundido (which is actually more greasy than fun, but delicious nonetheless…).


Baked tofu “fish” sticks.


Love these colors.


More spring-time blooming…


Lots of Mexi-meals this past week… two different homemade sauces that were favorites thus far.


I used the same sauces with homemade tortillas to make enchiladas one night.


Boys having some brother time before Silas’s bed time one night.


These two are always filled with shenanigans.


Pasta and salad one night… one of my favorite kinds of meals.


I made this granola for the week. One of my favorites thus far.


Miss Thang.


A ridiculous pizza. We can share next week, perhaps…


Two Louisiana musicians rehearsing in the house…


Miso mushroom udon with tempura veggies!


Leftover plain noodles were a great excuse to make homemade drunken noodles on a whim.


Vincent and his mom came by for a visit today and brought Mr. Teddy! How does a person say no to this face?! P.S. Crazy dog lady… I know.

Day to Day Life: Week Forty-Seven

Where’d the last week go? I don’t know… But here’s a glimpse of it:


Homemade pizza is always a winning situation… This Thai chick’n was a new idea. Recipe soon.


The skies around here are so moody this time of year… Gray, dark, blue, sunny…


This bread was also an experiment early this week. A new, tasty twist on banana bread.


Butter and brown sugar creamed together is one of the best things I put into this mixing bowl.


I overflowed my stand mixer’s bowl while making the batter for 14 dozen whoopie pie cakes and consequently had to hand mix the last flour/buttermilk incorporations. V-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y.


Batter and buttercream.


My husband and I had a lunch date at Sammich one day. I’d go every day if I could. We had the freshly shucked clam chowder (phenomenal!) and Alaskan cod sammich with arugula pecan pesto, pickled red onions and apple slaw! Melissa also brought us some of the butternut squash soup and a taste of the house-cured turkey with homemade cranberry sauce. YUM! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – if you’re in Ashland, or close by, do yourself a favor and stop in for a sammich.


Silas had his buddy Ray over one day after school. Cornstarch and water was a good-bad decision. Luckily I’ve mastered the art of cleaning up messes and cooking dinner for five simultaneously.


The result of all that butter, buttercream, sugar, batter… a LOT of dark chocolate peanut butter whoopie pies for the high school water polo dinner banquet.


Things are getting cold around here… like the neighbor’s rooftop, which has been frosted almost every morning.


Curry lime pumpkin seeds…


And curried pumpkin soup.


Little dog girlfriend.


Found these two playing checkers after having a sleepover in the living room the previous night.

Day to Day Life: Week Thirty-Eight

The last week looked a bit like this:


Goodnight, sky.


 My husband and I discussed revamping some terrible recipes one evening. We reminisced about enjoying McDonald’s  Filet-o-Fish sandwiches once upon a time. You know, the ones with a fried paddock square of fish, gloppy tartar sauce, and a slice of lovely processed American cheese slapped between two steamed buns. I made a new version for us, with pan seared halibut, organic whole wheat buns, homemade organic tartar sauce, and also organic American cheese. It was a good nostalgic meal and one we’ll likely revisit again.


This is one of my favorite  signs in Kerby, Oregon. Three or so “sweet cron” signs can be found along the highway. We didn’t stop for some fresh sweet cron on this drive.


After we passed the sweet cron signs, we took notice of Madd Moose in Selma, Oregon. My husband and I decided to have an impromptu lunch date. We loved the quirky details, including the sign for “fork burgers” on the building.


This said lunch date was filled with shareable goodness. We ordered the falafel sliders, which came with goat cheese and homemade tzatziki. We also got the Captain’s Seafood Basket, which included fried shrimp, fish, and clams – along with handcut homemade fries. Oh, and a side of potato salad. We were pleasantly surprised and decided this would indeed be a stop more often.


Cat nap.


A successful dinner experiment: eggplant parmesan baked spaghetti.


Silas asked if he could borrow a pair of suspenders to wear to school, then picked out the rest of his outfit, too. When he got home, the suspenders were shoved into his backpack. He said a little girl had made fun of him and it made him sad. However, the next day when he got home, the same girl who made him sad was now apparently his girlfriend. In his words, “but she has two other boyfriends.” WHAT!


Making tortillas and drinking beer. It’s a thing that happens around 5:30 PM.


Homemade tortillas make the best enchiladas. These were filled with potatoes, charred corn, roasted poblanos and cheese.


Neurotically painting the tiniest spots with the tiniest paintbrush on our front porch. We will not discuss how long this takes. Nor how much I actually enjoy such tedious boring work as a form of meditation.


Good morning, sky. Lots of grey clouds and rain this week.


My husband sat in with Cats Under the Stars at the Applegate Lodge. Seeing as we are both absolute homebodies these days, this was a rare mid-week outing. It was nice to see some friends and familiar faces.


This little dude won his first football game of the season. The only home game they’ll play, in rain and mud, these 7 and 8 year olds played a good game. The final score was 7 – 6 and Silas made a game-saving tackle in the last 5 minutes, keeping the other team from scoring another touchdown.


After-game nap. I mean, after-game “watching football on TV.”


I decided to paint the mailbox to go with the freshly painted house. Obsessive much?


Making jam with strawberries, apples, plums and pears!

Day to Day Life: Week Twenty-Eight

The last week looked a bit like this:



A friendly reminder from “Mr. Pups” (shall we talk about the ambiguity or Mr. Pups’ outfit?) at the entrance of a trail my husband and I walked early in the week.


Silas went raspberry and blueberry picking with his Nana.


I made this pesto a couple times this week. Once to top pan-seared fish, the next to make a creamy sauce for a lasagna.


Watching geese.


Whole wheat pancakes with fresh blueberries for a certain little 8 year old boy.


A little toasted coconut cake. Because some nights dessert’s necessary.


This butterfly kept flying around me while Craig and Silas were fishing.


Rogue River.




Espresso and frothy milk for a sleepy afternoon.


My gardening supervisor.


Sometimes I don’t feel like cooking anything. So I eat salad.


My boys.


A vegan barbecue tempeh sammich. Daiya Vegan Cheese is one of the few vegan cheeses I actually enjoy eating.


Thank you, garden!


A veggie-PACKED lasagna and sourdough rolls stuffed with fresh mozzarella balls, topped with parmesan garlic butter?!


Funny boy.


A Los Arcos veggie burrito treat. One of my favorite places for Mexican food around the Rogue Valley.


Experimenting with garden grown green beans, because we have 9 billion of them right now. With Quorn Chik’n, gravy and rice. Katsu style.


Fresh picked basil and tarragon on eggs is ridiculously simply good.