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Day to Day Life: Weeks 46 + 47

Here is a peek at the last couple weeks:

Ashland in the fall (before windy wet weather came in and rendered most of the trees leafless).


On an impromptu hike with our buddy Janet on a day Silas didn’t have any school.


Helping grade papers late one night.




Little Nugget.


A thrown-together mess meal of deliciousness. Veggie chick’n stew with parmesan herb biscuits!


Goodbyeee summer garden!


Heading north in rainy fall weather, to the State Water Polo Tournament.


The Ashland High School girls placed third in state. Miss Kenya Mickey about to make a goal.


The Ashland High School boys also placed third in state. Vincent made an incredible number of blocks all weekend.


This has been an incredible team all year!


Bacon veggie cheeseburger night…


Sometimes you need to get to the outskirts of town to appreciate Ashland…


And certainly when you get back into town, you shouldn’t be shocked by sites like this guy, walking his three goats on a leash along with his dog.


Bandera enchilada night with Vincent and his girlfriend. Also, so much tastier than appearance would probably lead you to believe…


One large bottle, two baby bottles…


Silas Henry also received a trophy at his football awards banquet after a tough, well earned season.


This lovely girl asked me to take her senior pictures… Seeing as I had never done anything like that before, I was hesitant… but it was a lot of fun. And nowhere near as stressful as my crazy-brain thought it’d be.

Kelsey - 13

Pizza night.


Flowers on our third wedding anniversary.


Looking so old suddenly.


Hi, Chicken.


Homemade roasted tomato soup with optimum-cheese-stretch grilled cheese sammiches.


I hope you’ve had an excellent couple of weeks!

Lavender Vanilla Bourbon Cocktail

photo 1

It’s not hard to love lavender, with its sweet scent and beautiful soft purple blossoms. We have a huge more-or-less overgrowing lavender bush in our front yard. In June and early July, it’s bustling with bees and the fragrance is intoxicating. As we live right downtown in Ashland, there’s a lot of foot traffic along the sidewalk in front of our home. This particular overgrown, wildly reaching lavender beckons folks to pick a sprig here and there. One new experience this year that our lavender apparently instilled as I looked on from our front porch, included two grown women who stretched their arms wide, crouched to their knees, and took in a full frontal brushing from our [poor] sweet smelling lavender bush. It was very dramatic (although I suppose living in a town known for its nearly year-round Shakespeare Festival, that isn’t entirely surprising).

That aside, one other thing I was excited to learn about lavender not too long ago, was the culinary purposes it could provide. Lavender ice cream was my introduction and it was thoroughly delightful. Fragrant, floral, sweet. Perfect in a creamy ice cream. Most recently I saw a honey simple syrup that had included lavender steeped in it and instantly my mind went to cocktail hour. While I tend to prefer a drink that isn’t overly sweet, the balance of the following syrup and the rich warmth of bourbon works nicely. This is a great drink for the end of the week (or whenever you prefer) and the recipe is easy to double, or triple, if you’re preparing drinks for someone other than yourself (or merely find yourself really thirsty).


photo 1

Lavender Vanilla Bourbon Cocktail

Yields one drink, for one lady or sir. Easily doubled.


For the honey lavender vanilla simple syrup:
1 cup water
3/4 cup honey
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 vanilla bean, split and scraped
3 tablespoons culinary grade lavender

For the cocktail:
1 ounce of the above simple syrup
2-3 ounces of good quality bourbon (Knob Creek is my preferred)
1/2 a lime, squeezed
4 ounces ginger ale
ice and slice of lime for serving


Make your simple syrup:
In a small pot, combine the water, honey, and sugar. Stir over medium-high heat until the honey and sugar completely disintegrates. Add the vanilla bean (scraped insides and the pod as well) and lavender, stirring to submerge them into the liquid. Bring to a low boil for 10-15 minutes, then cover and remove from heat. Cool to room temperature. Strain the syrup, removing the vanilla bean pod and the lavender. Keep refrigerated in a covered bottle for up to a week.

Cocktail time!
In a highball glass, or your preferred glass, fill with ice. Add the simple syrup, bourbon, lime juice, and ginger ale. Stir until well combined. Add a slice of lime for garnish and drink IMMEDIATELY ;)

photo 2

photo 3