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Everyday Life: Weeks 8 and 9

Here’s a little glimpse at the last two weeks:

Blue skies while on a walk…

Sammich date for my friend Janet’s birthday. This was one of the specials, “Wilt the Stilt”: house roasted turkey, chopped house-made bacon, provolone, sprouts, red onion + house-made caesar dressing sammiched in a baguette.

Along with days of sunshine, days of rain… we had snow.

Late night dinner for one. This fettuccine with more garlic and more pepper.

Madhur Jaffrey’s paneer makhani. My husband said, “This may be my favorite Indian food you’ve made. Actually, this is my favorite Indian dish, ever. Make this more!” Guess the recipe’s a keeper.

Best morning snuggler EVER.

Breakfast dinner…

Featuring a ridiculous amount of hash browns for three people.

Deconstructed (aka LAZY) egg salad sandwich for a quick lunch while running out the door.

Basketball season ended this weekend (video coming later – next week, I hope)… however, baseball season starts… TOMORROW.

The “whole fruit margarita” recipe in the Vitamix cookbook is delicious. With a few minor tweaks.

We had dinner at 4:30 because we were starving after the gym… So at about 9:00 when I was hungry again, I made a quick cheese pizza to share. Because… sometimes you need second dinners. And pizza.

Puppy sass.

When my husband and I were in New York a few years ago, we stumbled upon a food cart a couple blocks from our hotel. A line wrapped around the block, people waiting for whatever this cart was dishing out. I couldn’t talk myself into getting into the line at Halal Guys. But the next night while on a walk, we miraculously showed up when there was no line whatsoever. The chicken and rice plate (with lots of white sauce, little red sauce) even caused my 20+ year vegetarian husband to try a bite. This was a vegetarian version of that plate with Quorn chick’n — and it was absolutely nostalgic and delicious!

“My name is Jump Cat and I like to sneakily pee in closets and baskets full of clean laundry. Pet me.”

This sandwich. With halibut. And a citrusy cabbage rather than creamy slaw.

Veggie tacosssss.

Breakfast biscuit sandwich!

Got our taxes done. With the help of coffee and the cat.

Lap baby.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Everyday Life: Weeks 6 and 7

A little peek at the last couple weeks:

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
Starting off a day right.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
When dad is off at a music rehearsal, this is how we study 6th grade algebra homework… (Yes, got it all done before dad got home.)

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
Sometimes you accidentally pour the whole 16 ounce container of yogurt in your bowl…just add bananas. Eat on the way to the gym. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

We got caught in a big downpour about halfway home. (It was a fun walk. P.S. Percy doesn’t know what to think of overflowing storm drains and that produces quite a dramatic pull-on-the-leash dance.)

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
Guess who’s avoiding going to bed in this photo op…

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
Tried some new Indian recipes from Madhur Jaffrey’s vegetarian cookbook… DELICIOUS! I can’t wait to try more.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
Post-bath puppy.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
This beer was interesting, to say the least. Not my preferred flavors but fun to try! It was brewed with spices that are used to make scrapple and indeed, did taste weirdly breakfast-y.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
Comfort food… vegetarian (Quorn) chicken and dumplings.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
At least a couple days of the week, I pack my husband’s lunch for him to take to work. Toby’s tofu pâté is one we enjoy (especially the jalapeño version).

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
This cat has the most awful blood-curdling meow. And his preferred times to vocalize said meow: between 1 o’clock and 5 o’clock in the morning. But at least he has pretty eyes and soft fur.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
Another new recipe experiment. A Moroccan sweet potato and lentil soup.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7

Some highlights from a couple of Silas’s recent basketball games. He’s number 54.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
Probably the best fettuccine alfredo I’ve made. Hooray!

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
Pre-basketball game breakfast. Cranberry hazelnut french toast, hash browns, and some fresh mango and banana.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
All I ever want to do is lay around cuddling the dog. True story. She turned 11 months old this week!

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
I got to have the entire spin room at the gym to myself. The quiet of the huge room was awesome.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
A vegetarian sheet pan dinner experiment with a side of steamed then sautéed broccoli.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
Handdrawn Valentine’s Day card.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
And since Valentine’s Day also fell on Taco Tuesday we went out for some margaritas, tacos and nachos. All day happy hour! Woo-hoo!

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
Two days later, we shared MORE nachos. This time with beers, at the pub where some of my husband’s students had a poetry reading featuring a few songwriting students as well.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
Stripes and a cat squeeze.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
My husband and his band opened for Terrapin Flyer here in Ashland…

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7
Nearly two dozen cheese enchiladas (with un-photoed beans and rice) when we had a sleepover that included three extra kids Friday night… The nine year old kid asked me, “Do you make your own chicken?” I told him there was no chicken in the enchiladas, to which he replied, “OH. We don’t eat this stuff at my house. Do you HAVE any chicken? I like MEAT… Beef? Ribs…? I’m a beef guy. Or do you guys just eat… this stuff over here?” Bwahaha.

Forbidden Rice Blog | Weeks 6 and 7

Hope you’ve had a great couple of weeks!

Everyday Life: Weeks 4 and 5

Somehow last week escaped me before I had a chance to post anything here. So, here’s a look at the last two weeks. Weeks 4 and 5:

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
We’ve had some beautiful late-winter days that are just warm enough to hint at spring.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
This guy drives me cuckoo. Sleeps all day. Then screams between 2 and 8 A.M. for food, cuddles, general attention.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Buttermilk fried “chicken” (high-protein tofu) and buttermilk waffles one night!

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Intently watching folks drill into the street and sidewalk across from our house.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
We got a Vitamix for Christmas and it’s the best thing everrr. Vegan cashew pesto in there for a couple meals.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Including this eggplant parmesan with homemade marinara as well, and caesar salads with garlic croutons and vegan caesar dressing (not homemade).

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Leftovers of the exact same meal the next night for meeee!

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Percy loves a big open field to run in. :)

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Watching the rain.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
At 11 years old, Silas is now 5 foot 6 inches. He’s a total badass on the basketball court; those games also take up the majority of our Saturdays (which is entirely alright!).

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Found this lovely dog statue on an afternoon walk…

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Morning company for drinking coffee.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Pretty Chicken.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Percy likes to squeeze in next to me on whatever chair I happen to sit in, in our living room. It’s the best.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Biscuits. Light and fluffy!

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Post-bath buffet.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Quorn brand vegetarian chik’n is my absolute favorite. It’s so similar in texture and flavor, to real chicken. And so easy to use in recipes to make them vegetarian friendly. This is teriyaki chik’n we had with rice (basmati for the kids, cauliflower rice for Craig and I) and some sautéed veggies.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Secret buddies.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Rain is coming… YES.

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
Lazy Bones Jones, sleeping in like a champ!

Forbidden Rice Blog: Every Day Life Weeks 4 and 5
For the Super Bowl, we had a DIY nacho bar with homemade cheese sauce filled with green chiles, slow cooked refried beans, and other not-so-homemade nacho toppings…

A few clips of Silas (#54) in Saturday’s game.

Hope you’ve had a lovely couple of weeks!

Day to Day Life: Weeks 51 + 52

We are at the last week of December and 2014! How can that be? Here is a glimpse at the last couple weeks:

My husband played at the Applegate Lodge one night. This guy was carved into one of the lamps in the room we stayed in. So jolly! ;)


Christmas Boy, sleeping under the Christmas tree.


Homemade pizza with veggie chicken, herbed ricotta, goat cheese and mozzarella.


Silas’s class had a Solstice party before going on winter break. Craig played “Here Comes the Sun” along with the kids.


We had a dessert party with our new neighbors. I brought these whoopie pies as per request.


A winter vacation tradition – water polo pick up game with alumni players.


Our friends Janet and Ray gave us this piece of this Oregon-caught king salmon. Craig and I finally got to enjoy it, pan seared then topped with a little homemade barbeque sauce, and cabbage with microgreens tossed in a lemon garlic vinaigrette. SO DAMN GOOD!


Silas is playing in a more competitive basketball league this year. He had his first pre-season game recently.




This was a busy baking Cookie Monster kind of day…


Crazy beautiful winter skies around here lately…



Cuddle party of two while trying to figure out the kids’ early Christmas present — an XBox I and new TV to go with it.


Family sugar cookie decorating can get a little iffy around here…


For Christmas Eve-Eve, Silas asked if I would make pigs in a blanket… So that’s what we had, with veggie dogs and cheese stuffed in the crescent rolls. Baked beans and potato salad on the side. Classy. :)


Christmas Eve featured homemade pizza. Green and red.


We went with Nana and the kids to look at Christmas lights around Southern Oregon after dinner that night.


There were forecasts for snow on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day… but alas, all we got was cold and rain. (That’s not a real complaint; I love cold and rain.)


First one up on Christmas morning… enjoying the quiet.


Of course I don’t wake up early unless there’s a reason. My reason was to make these from start to finish… A seven year tradition now.


Apparently I forgot/simply didn’t take any pictures on Christmas day. Sometimes I think that’s a good sign. I did get this photo of the veggie shepherd’s pie and veggie chick’n pot pie we ate for Christmas dinner…


My mother-in-law’s birthday is the day after Christmas. We took her out for brunch at Morning Glory here in Ashland, which was incredibly delicious!


A Christmas Chicken!


A second water polo pick up game…



Yesterday we did a little bit of exploring up near Mt. Ashland. The view is breathtaking, always.


It took approximately 15 tries before Silas and I got a “selfie” with both of us in the picture frame.


Snow boys.


Homemade Indian food tonight! Palak paneer, veggie chicken tikka masala with potatoes, cauliflower pakoras, homemade naan, and matar pulao (rice with peas).


A boy and his dog.


Day to Day Life: Weeks Twenty-Five and Six

Since I missed last week’s post, here are the last two weeks in photographs:

If you’ve been following along on the ever-growing pigeon adventure around here… Even though these are pigeons, we’ve taken to calling them chickens. There’s Mean Chicken and Dudley Guenther Chicken.
photo 5

An ice cold coconut matcha latte is my current favorite summertime beverage.
photo 4

Garden goodies that turned into a broccoli chowder with potatoes from the local farmer’s market.
photo 3

Chik’n pot hand-pies and cinnamon peach pop tarts using the same dough!
photo 2

Picking good avocados is a small, triumphant happiness every time.
photo 1

Oregon in the summer is lovely. P.S. Lake swimming is NOT at the top of my list of favorite things… I am and will always be an ocean girl. I’ve tried to keep an open mind, but that muck at the bottom of lakes… the jagged rocks… eww.

Zucchini and herbs from the garden…
photo 4

Turned into zucchini-potato cakes. With homemade BBQ sauce and a sunny side up egg. THUMBS UP for this impromptu, “I’m hungry – oh hey we don’t have kids to feed – oh wait my husband ate multiple bowls of homemade dark chocolate peanut butter granola for dinner” kind of dinner.
photo 5

This is Dudley. S/he has a splayed leg that may or may not grow the way it needs to… If not, she will be our pet pigeon. Her papa more or less attacked her and kicked her out of the nest, so she gets hand-fed and handled frequently. Her brother, Mean Chicken is right about the age where he’ll leave the nest.
photo 3

Good morning, cloudy day, from my bed, under the covers.
photo 2

Living with three dudes, especially when it’s summer, means A LOT OF FOOD is needed. Pizza galore! (BBQ chik’n pizza for the win that night!)
photo 1

Dinner another night. Don’t judge me. :)
photo 1

Silas Henry bowling a strike without any bumpers!
photo 4

While I usually don’t gloat, I had to take a picture of the final scores… because I beat my champ-bowler-husband. 1.) That NEVER happens 2.) My bowling “skills” are so ridiculous it’s not even funny 3.) This game must’ve been rigged somehow…
photo 5

Miss Nikki.
photo 3

Silas excavating some kind of craziness with his Nana.
photo 2

Blue and puffy.
photo 1

Roasted strawberry blondie experiment…
photo 5

The rain that hit us for a couple days off and on allowed our lilies to pop open! Usually the deer come and eat the buds before they ever get to flower… This is the first time this plant has had actual flowers in at least three years!
photo 4

Two birds, one stone… Beans and vegetable broth.
photo 2

Said beans, used alongside sweet corn and cheese enchiladas (with homemade enchilada sauce).
photo 3

Teri beef and shoyu chicken are common, delicious, dishes found in my Hawaii home. I made a vegetarian, seitan version that more or less combined both dishes… Served with Hawaii style mac salad, of course.
photo 1

Freeing these dudes that hitched a ride in the house on some broccoli and corn.
photo 2

Mama bird coming to check on her baby birds.
photo 5

A quick pesto made from basil in the garden, made into a sourdough pesto-cheese flatbread.
photo 3

Buzz, buzz, buzz.
photo 4