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A January Adventure


I tend to have a lot going on, all the time. Were I to give you a rundown of the long list of miscellaneous things that accumulate and devour all the hours in my days, everyday, any sane person would probably deem me completely looney-tunes.

The above quote is one I remind myself of often. It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of being someone who willingly takes care of the needs of others before her own. Time to myself is NEEDED for my sanity. As a full-fledged introvert (and half-crazy person), when I don’t have that space, it’s easy to feel completely disconnected from everything around me–including things and people I both love and care deeply about. Forcing myself to make the time to get outside, to do something active is often an easy way to reevaluate my senses, feelings, and generally offers a reset button, leaving me feeling connected again.

That said, today included an outdoor adventure that ended up being precisely what I needed. Here are a few snapshots from the day:

Mount Shasta in the distance.


My buddy Janet hanging out on the out-of-commision-ski-lift.


Janet asked to “borrow” my camera.

RUNNING down the bunny slope that we hiked up…

The view from Mt. Ashland is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Plus the sunshine came out… and required this get-up so I could see my camera screen (apparently) and keep my face from burning off. :D

Magic skies.

After our trekking around in the snow, we found ourselves at Sammich, wherein I demolished this incredible sammich special, which featured slow cooked pulled BBQ beef, smothered in house BBQ sauce and topped off with housemade slaw and onions.

Cheers to a new year, filled with new adventuring… :)

A Series of Skies

Like I mentioned earlier this week, we are on the road, heading towards sunshine. Heading towards warmth that Southern Oregon isn’t offering yet. We are in San Francisco for the evening, heading to Santa Cruz in the morning, ultimately winding up near San Diego so a 7-year-old boy can take in the wonder of Legoland and beaches. Having grown up in both sunshine and the water, it’s one of the few atmospheres that genuinely feels healing, relaxing, charging, and peaceful simultaneously in my life. And I miss it often, so when the opportunity arises to experience that feeling, generally it’s welcomed openly.

One of my favorite things while riding along the freeway is the expanse of skies that so consistently change while traveling along. Even folded up in the back seat of our truck cab (because I’m only 5’3″ and there are three other folks in said truck, two of which are over 6-feet-tall), I am often mesmerized and quietly take it in… The blues that can swallow a person up, the greens that scream with life, white fluffy clouds that beg for your imagination to turn them into animals (or inappropriate gestures, duh)… These are some of my favorites from today: