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Day to Day Life: Week Twenty-One

A look at the last week:

photo 1

All the roses in our yard are blooming right now!

photo 5

Corn chowder for a cold, rainy day.


As well as a hot toddy…

photo 2

Leftover chowder with pesto-cheese stuffed rolls one night.

photo 1

Pistachio coconut granola for the week. This was my favorite granola yet.

Silas essentially didn’t go to school this week because he was home with impetigo. By the end of the week, he seemed to be going NUTS. This video is the epitome of living in a house full of boys.

photo 3

I’m a self-proclaimed tortilla snob. Can’t/won’t happily eat homemade tacos or enchiladas unless I also make the tortillas!

photo 3

Garden time! Everything is growing well again this year thus far… Except the strawberries our dogs trampled (insert sad face emoji here). Baby lettuces, sugar snap peas, pole beans, broccoli, zucchini, various peppers, beets (a first for me and I am excited!), tomatillos…

photo 4

Yellow summer squash (do you see the little baby in the top picture?), chives and other herbs, basil, a handful of different tomato types, eggplant… I am looking forward to harvest time.

photo 4

Joy the Baker paired up with King Arthur Flour for Baking Bootcamp. The first recipe to try was this triple berry cinnamon swirl bread. It’s SO DANG GOOD.

photo 4

Blue spring skies.

photo 3

Buzz buzz…

photo 5

Many of our poppies are looking pretty scruffy this year… This may have been one exception.

photo 2

That berry bread was so good I had to make another version two days later. This one has brown sugar, strawberries, dark chocolate and coconut flakes. HOLY YES.

photo 2

Weekend accidental nap.

photo 1

My little friend HeyBird didn’t make it – he died sometime between 1 and 7 AM today. I’m totally bummed about it; he had seemed to be doing better, gaining energy and strength even though he was completely blind. He’d learned how to climb from my hand, feeling with his beak up my arm until he would sit on my shoulder. It’s weird not having to check on him every couple hours to give him water and food. I guess being an indoor blind bird whose wings worked entirely well would be pretty soul-crushing. Hopefully he enjoyed the last 11 days.

Day to Day Life: Week Nineteen

The last week looked a bit like this:


So many pretty spring blooms everywhere.


Monday was Cinco de Mayo. There was a lot of citrus involved…


Because a lot of fresh citrus means really good fresh margaritas!


Perhaps another good bad, or bad good, or bad bad idea for Cinco de Mayo — queso fundido (which is actually more greasy than fun, but delicious nonetheless…).


Baked tofu “fish” sticks.


Love these colors.


More spring-time blooming…


Lots of Mexi-meals this past week… two different homemade sauces that were favorites thus far.


I used the same sauces with homemade tortillas to make enchiladas one night.


Boys having some brother time before Silas’s bed time one night.


These two are always filled with shenanigans.


Pasta and salad one night… one of my favorite kinds of meals.


I made this granola for the week. One of my favorites thus far.


Miss Thang.


A ridiculous pizza. We can share next week, perhaps…


Two Louisiana musicians rehearsing in the house…


Miso mushroom udon with tempura veggies!


Leftover plain noodles were a great excuse to make homemade drunken noodles on a whim.


Vincent and his mom came by for a visit today and brought Mr. Teddy! How does a person say no to this face?! P.S. Crazy dog lady… I know.

Day to Day Life: Week Fifteen

A look at the last week:

photo 4

Our dogwood tree blooms once a year… Guess who bloomed this week?


When I went in to turn off his bedroom lights, this is how Silas had fallen asleep.

photo 5

Maple cinnamon bread certainly requires french toast to be made with it.

photo 2

No matter how far from the ocean I get, it’s in my genetic makeup… Always home. This is the Upper Klamath Lake – my husband and I journeyed out that way one morning.

photo 2

Vegan polenta with a pesto cashew cream sauce for dinner one evening…

photo 1

A stop at Lake Ewauna…

Which was filled with geese, ducks, and gulls.

photo 5

Homemade pad thai one night!

photo 4

And vodka gimlets for a few nights…

photo 3

Our little apple tree is bustling with honey bees and blooms.

photo 1

This guy butterfly came to visit as I was working in our garden. I found him again today, five days later (the flopped over wings tell me it’s probably the same dude). Yet again he sat on my fingertips for a bit.

photo 2

This sassy girl watches me closely as I’m working outside.

photo 2

This sassy boy, too.

photo 3

This little boy is turning 9, two months from today. How did that happen?

photo 3

Making breakfast potatoes the night before is perfect for a filling breakfast my husband can simply crisp up for he and the boys in the morning – so I don’t have to get up and cook with my half-asleep-brain.

photo 4

It may not look like much, but this space took some hours of work and prepping this week. Along with my sunburn, I created a space ready to be planted. Woo hoo!

photo 3

Noisy friend.

photo 4

Now that little league has started, we have two games each week, at least. This week’s mid-week game lasted until the sun started setting…

photo 1

There are very few things in life that make me feel like such a good hippie: brewing my own jun kombucha and making homemade nut milk.

photo 1

I planted a bunch of eggshell starts earlier this week… but tonight when we got home, I found the majority of them strewn all over our back deck. I imagine it was a demise partially due to the wind… and partially due to those two sassy beasts posted earlier… Regardless, I guess I will be starting over this coming week, in containers other than eggshells… because I am not eating almost three dozen eggs to have more shells to plant in…

photo 3



My husband and I made an impromptu hike up to Upper Table Rock today. I’ve lived in Ashland for 10 and a half years and had never been… He’s been here twice as long and hadn’t been up there either. The view of this valley was stunning.

photo 1

We of course stopped for burritos and margaritas afterwards… because it’s completely necessary, right, after a hike that gains 720 feet in 1.4 miles? (Yes.)

Day to Day Life: Week Fourteen

A glimpse at the last week, in photos:

Our Christmas cactus is loving the sunshine through our kitchen windows and therefore blooming like crazy.

This smoothie as breakfast/brunch/lunch/snacking.

Bourbon thirty is my favorite hour of the day.

Palak paneer in the making as per Vincent’s request.

Leftover palak paneer, pea and carrot biryani, and baked cauliflower potato pakoras for Vincent’s pre-water polo practice snack the following afternoon.

My husband shaved his head this week for the first time ever…

Homemade seitan one day for barbeque sammiches.


This week’s hardcopy, non-internet food reading.

A dressing experiment…

For a dinner salad experiment.

Little League season began this weekend.

This boy got to play catcher for a couple innings…


Looking sharp in his Reds uniform and matching catcher-gear…

Pre-dinner snacking material.

This picture that Silas drew, which currently resides on our refrigerator, makes me laugh. Apparently I can sport an 8-pack (aka FOOD pack) through my tank top. NICE. The dogs are one of my favorite parts about this picture.

Roasting some ‘maters, garlic, and onion for homemade enchilada sauce.

Crazy food brain results in a lot of things… homemade horchata, enchilada sauce, tortillas, enchiladas, beans, rice, mint cookie ice cream…

Cookie smash for ice cream making. Recipe later this week.

Silas’s first baseball game went well… His first hit brought two other players home! They won by a single point. (Apologies for the weird video blur.) He also enjoys taking multiple bases at a time, as often as possible… :)

I think I ate three burritos this week for three separate meals.

Hungry morning beast.

Buttermilk ‘cakes for a weekend morning.

Day to Day Life: Week Thirteen

Here’s a look at the last week:

The last week was spring break. For the first time in awhile, we stuck around Ashland. Silas participated in a 3-day baseball camp hosted by the local collegiate team, the Medford Rogues.

JalapeƱo cheese biscuits one morning.

We had some rainy days this week, which often makes for interesting skies.

Maybe my favorite part about spring…

S U N .

Our new blender arrived… this safety warning was perplexing. And funny.

The first smoothie out of said blender was this one.

Little League season opens this coming Saturday. Craig and Silas have been practicing often. This view is from the outfield where I stood, doing a piss-poor job of catching baseballs that flew towards me.

Probably because I was too busy taking iPhone photos of things like flower-weeds.

All sorts of homemade nut milk experiments going on these days in my kitchen laboratory.

And when one makes nut milk, the result are… nut balls. I made cookies out of these. The recipe needs some fine tuning before I post it here. But they’re good… and gluten/grain-free.

This week’s throwback is brought to you by 7 year old Julie. That was my favorite dress. Pardon my poorly hidden red comb (that was entirely useless on my braided hair, BTW).

The epitome of a good lazy day: eating spicy shoyu saimin in bed at 7:30, with zero need to get up out of bed until the next day.

My dad has been in Oklahoma this past week, visiting my brother, sister in law, and niece. My mom (she also lives in Oklahoma) sent me this photo.

Little bits of color.

These are my summer/fall/winter/spring slippers. Good in the sun, great in the rain, questionable in the snow… but year-round, nonetheless.

Miss Nikki at my feet, in the sun, carefully watching every movement with a side-eye glance.

I made an orange cashew tofu with roasted asparagus one night. I wasn’t certain of how this would go over, but it was a hit all the way around. Silas went and got himself seconds, which absolutely surprised me.

Patches of blue in the gray.

I’ve been feeling somewhat in a cooking rut when it comes to dinners, so I asked Vincent and Craig for ideas of new things to make that they’d eat. Calzones! So that’s what we had last night. Mediterranean calzones with sundried tomatoes, pesto, artichoke hearts, feta, olives, pepperoncinis, garlic, mozzarella and marinara. Pesto mushroom calzones with crimini mushrooms, garlic, mozzarella, and fresh spinach. Veggie pepperoni and cheese calzones. Vincent demolished four in a row. I’d say they were successful.