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Things have been busy. It’s May. We’ve had both kids for the last week. We’ve got an extra week with the youngest starting yesterday. My days consist of: sleeping when possible; drinking too much coffee; building lego castles; hiding in bedroom forts; doing mass mountains of laundry; running in the park; tee ball games; hanging upside-down from the monkey bars; pulling up crabgrass to enable pooper-scooper duty (dootie?); cooking a lot but forgetting to take photos until everything’s demolished; catching flies for our two newest family additions (pacific tree frogs); trying to answer every “Juuuuulie! I neeeed yoooou!” patiently, without sounding too worn out or grumpy. It has been fantastic. We’ve finally had some sunshine, which essentially means as much time outdoors as possible, and as little staring at the magic glow of a computer screen time as possible.

That said, I plan on posting a couple new recipes in the next few days. Homemade falafels (along with the best tzatziki sauce ever and a minty red onion, tomato, cucumber salad). And this lemony, crispy-coated, red snapper (which when paired with the hollandaise sauce/asparagus/mashed potatoes we ate them with, probably has enough butter to last the next year… but is delicious and so very worth it).

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