Day to Day Life: Week 1


Some of my favorite blogs to read – in fact, most of my favorite blogs to read, are a culmination of food, photographs, and written stories that leave every desire to keep reading. For the last year this space has been dedicated solely to food, recipes, and written narratives that go along with such. Beginning the first of this year, I decided I wanted to include more of my own life into this blog, in a way that I have intentionally shied away from doing. Photography is something I enjoy, both as a viewer and often as the person behind the camera lens. Another thing I enjoy thoroughly is the way that photos allow us to peek into each others lives and offer a different dimension. In many ways, it’s simple human curiosity and nosiness. That said, these posts will be weekly (I’ll aim for Sundays, but life happens, so we’ll see how that works in the long run). The photographs will include food, family, places, experiences. It’s wide open.

Photo-15Heading south on I-5 we caught this sunset that spanned for miles. Last day of 2012.

photo-11New Year’s Eve and Day were spent in Sacramento. There were bridges…

photo-13And there certainly was In-N-Out Burger’s animal style french fries to soothe the lingering feelings of post-New Year’s Eve adult beverage consumption.

68c46cb2553e11e2a97a22000a9f18aa_7Home in Ashland into the new year…


Shadow Dancing


Homemade Sourdough!


The new year is also apparently time for carbs… this pizza was a win-win situation.



IMG_5477_zps974d703cCream puffs with vanilla bean custard… Only I can’t find the recipe that concocted itself while making these. So, a do-over will be necessary for posting in the future. Wah-wah.

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