Day to Day Life: Week Nineteen

The last week has been absolutely nuts… but it looked a little like this:
daytoday19IMG_8257_zpsbc61b828I actually made these almond butter dark chocolate fudge brownies to welcome our new neighbors… but they apparently went back to California before I could deliver them next door. Solution? Eat a whole 9×13 inch pan of brownies in two days… Duh.
IMG_8489_zps82ca47e7The makings of a white sangria with fresh strawberries, mangoes, meyer lemon, and lemon balm… So good.
IMG_8434_zpseaa02f2eRadish babies sprouting in the garden!


Pogo bounce!


Homemade crab cakes one night surely meant open face crab cake sammiches the next night… with arugula from the garden!


Early in the week we had rain… splash!


Manwich breakfast: local eggs, local bread, homegrown basil, veggie sausage. 

photo (2)

Roasted broccoli to go on homemade pizza… SO DAMN GOOD. Off pizza and on pizza.


I’ve got tomato babies.


We are cleaning the house from top to bottom, rearranging rooms and all sorts of ridiculous business. I found this literary journal I had some poetry published in, in Australia. I remember being STOKED about the fact that it  arrived by sea mail. And was covered in kangaroo stamps as postage. I had forgotten about this entirely. I love when that happens.


Brunch for a hungry lady.


Country/Cowpoke Themed Spring Sing Assembly at Silas Henry’s school..


A sad mustard failing.


My mother-in-law loves fried shrimp… For Mother’s Day, I made her a fried shrimp debaucherous feast.

photo (1)

Cheesecake was also necessary.



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