Day to Day Life: Week Thirty-Eight

The last week looked a bit like this:


Goodnight, sky.


 My husband and I discussed revamping some terrible recipes one evening. We reminisced about enjoying McDonald’s  Filet-o-Fish sandwiches once upon a time. You know, the ones with a fried paddock square of fish, gloppy tartar sauce, and a slice of lovely processed American cheese slapped between two steamed buns. I made a new version for us, with pan seared halibut, organic whole wheat buns, homemade organic tartar sauce, and also organic American cheese. It was a good nostalgic meal and one we’ll likely revisit again.


This is one of my favorite  signs in Kerby, Oregon. Three or so “sweet cron” signs can be found along the highway. We didn’t stop for some fresh sweet cron on this drive.


After we passed the sweet cron signs, we took notice of Madd Moose in Selma, Oregon. My husband and I decided to have an impromptu lunch date. We loved the quirky details, including the sign for “fork burgers” on the building.


This said lunch date was filled with shareable goodness. We ordered the falafel sliders, which came with goat cheese and homemade tzatziki. We also got the Captain’s Seafood Basket, which included fried shrimp, fish, and clams – along with handcut homemade fries. Oh, and a side of potato salad. We were pleasantly surprised and decided this would indeed be a stop more often.


Cat nap.


A successful dinner experiment: eggplant parmesan baked spaghetti.


Silas asked if he could borrow a pair of suspenders to wear to school, then picked out the rest of his outfit, too. When he got home, the suspenders were shoved into his backpack. He said a little girl had made fun of him and it made him sad. However, the next day when he got home, the same girl who made him sad was now apparently his girlfriend. In his words, “but she has two other boyfriends.” WHAT!


Making tortillas and drinking beer. It’s a thing that happens around 5:30 PM.


Homemade tortillas make the best enchiladas. These were filled with potatoes, charred corn, roasted poblanos and cheese.


Neurotically painting the tiniest spots with the tiniest paintbrush on our front porch. We will not discuss how long this takes. Nor how much I actually enjoy such tedious boring work as a form of meditation.


Good morning, sky. Lots of grey clouds and rain this week.


My husband sat in with Cats Under the Stars at the Applegate Lodge. Seeing as we are both absolute homebodies these days, this was a rare mid-week outing. It was nice to see some friends and familiar faces.


This little dude won his first football game of the season. The only home game they’ll play, in rain and mud, these 7 and 8 year olds played a good game. The final score was 7 – 6 and Silas made a game-saving tackle in the last 5 minutes, keeping the other team from scoring another touchdown.


After-game nap. I mean, after-game “watching football on TV.”


I decided to paint the mailbox to go with the freshly painted house. Obsessive much?


Making jam with strawberries, apples, plums and pears!

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