Day to Day Life: Week Fifty

How is this the 50th week of the year? And the start of winter break around here, coming up this Friday? Christmas next week? 2013, time has come and gone… Seems quicker every single year. We won’t approach my neurotic near-middle age thoughts until 2014. (You’re welcome.) In the meantime, here’s a peek at the last week:

9The Pacific Northwest is simply chock full of pretty this time of year.

1Buttermilk Belgian waffles one morning.

5Things around here have been super snowy, then super icy, then super snowy… Needless to say, I should’ve put these shoes on once I got into the gym rather than before. Baby-steps all the way across the parking lot…

2Snow beasts!

4A tuna melt-on-a-bagel type of post workout late lunch/early dinner.

18Impromptu “Hey, take my picture!” moment.

3I made my first vegetarian chicken pot pie this week. It was delicious. I’ve learned to appreciate leftovers more and more – these leftovers were particularly delicious. Plus salad. And beer.

16Snowy fur babies.

8A delicious pasta mess (my favorite, after pizza… carb whore).

7Ashland puffy sky.

6Late night food cravings… At least Koyo Ramen offers a less guilty option than Top Ramen.

20My husband recently had a story published in Fourteen Hills, San Francisco State University’s literary journal. He was invited to participate in a reading during the book release, so we spent a few days in the city.

12The name of this store next to the gallery my husband’s reading was in cracked me up… Yeah Yeah! Pony Prince.

10Late night pizza at the amazing Golden Boy Pizza in North Beach. I will figure out how to make this pizza… Or at least something passable. We shared a slice of cheese and a slice of their notorious garlic-clam pizza. Then went back the next day for a slice of cheese and a slice of pesto veggie.

24San Francisco offers some gorgeous views, too…

23Holiday evidence in Cafe Trieste.

22Carousel Consignment was a new stop in the Mission… So many excellent goodies…

19When we’re in the city, my husband and I often like to share meals so we can try a larger array of foods without getting overly full. We shared a burrito from Taqueria Cancun then walked around the Mission. Despite the vast number of times we’ve been in the area, we came across the Mission Market Food Mall, which we (stupidly) passed by hundreds of times without scoping out. This time we wandered into the open-air “mall” and came across Antojitos Salvadorenos Aminta – a Salvadorian restaurant. We quickly noticed pupusas on the menu and ordered two jalapeno-cheese pupusas to share. While our order took a bit of time, they were the best pupusas I’ve ever had. The wait was absolutely worth it.

11A quick first breakfast (treat) for two. The pain aux raisins was delicious, but the caramel apple croissant was even better…

14One can never eat enough veggie burritos while traveling in California… (Seriously.)

15Skies and waters. My fascination forever.

13We had to make a quick stop in Fairfax. I loved all the random art around town… including this.

21Heading home.

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