Day to Day Life: Week Seven

The last week looked something like this:

IMG_7666Pancake stacks, earth balance, and “best friend of pancakes everywhere.”

IMG_7589Finally some rain around here… Rainy rainbow oil spots.

IMG_7668Fried fish tacos and veggie tacos.

IMG_7509In complete agreement about Mondays.

IMG_7583An easy dinner of Quorn brand Chik’n patties topped with fresh tomato, goat cheese and herbs, served on creamy grits with homemade marinara from our garden last summer.

IMG_7612The view from campus.

IMG_7629Quick tequila stop with the husband. Complimentary chips and salsa.

IMG_7669This is Jumpy Cat. He shows up at our doorstep about once a year for cuddles. This time he also got tuna.

IMG_7670More veggie tacos for another day.

IMG_7641The kids requested fry nachos, so that’s what they got for Valentine’s Day. Margaritas included for the non-children partaking in this meal.

IMG_7671The college was hosting an event that included laser tag, live bands, karaoke, and wii. These two shamelessly danced away to Daft Punk.

IMG_7656Peanut butter and jelly topped Belgian waffles.

IMG_7672I rearranged our bedroom one day while at home by myself. A comical site would probably be a 5’3″ lady moving a king sized bed plus a dresser that weighs more than she does. However, we’ve both been sleeping better, so… success! And the workout from my manual labor was decent as well.

photo (5)Lovely orchid plant from my husband for V-Day.

IMG_7667Torta panini is my favorite panini. Pinto beans, Mexican rice, jalapenos, cheese, guacamole, hot sauce.

photo (4)Silas got invited to participate in an all day 3 on 3 basketball tournament tomorrow. Basketball season is almost over, but he just signed up for little league, so that’ll start around April.

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