Saturday Sites: Week Nine


  1. This frame by frame look at the Olympics may be my favorite way to watch the Olympics.

  2. I enjoyed reading this piece: I’ve decided something. And it’s for you too

  3. To the list of recipes-to-horde it goes… This ice cream sounds tasty.

  4. When tomato season comes around again, this bloody goes to the top of my list!

  5. I think it would be interesting to live in a home like these. But probably not for the entirety of my life.

  6. So, entering into my thirties won’t be overwhelmingly horrendous! Yeah, yeah, I don’t hit 30 until 2015, but, whatever…

  7. Cream cheese danishes are some of my favorite danishes… This blueberry cream cheese bread is like a giant version of a danish… MUST MAKE NOW.

  8. There have been a lot of silly quizzes showing up in my Facebook newsfeed… This one told me that my college major was in fact what I should’ve majored in. I am still questioning such results.

  9. And then there was this quiz, which told me I was a Buddhist monk in a previous life. I was certain that my result would be A Hippie.

  10. These empanadas have peaked my interest.

  11. We have reached March. That means spring is coming. That means fresh asparagus is going to show up around here soon. That means I am a happy, happy lady.

  12. If I make this dip, I will surely devour it all in one sitting.

  13. The Art of Conversation.

  14. I’m not sure why savory french toast blew my mind so intensely… but this savory feta cheese french toast? Yes, yes. Yes.

  15. This has been the case for nearly three decades now. I do not apologize.

  16. This list made me laugh.

  17. Words from a father to his daughter. From the makeup aisle.

  18. I’m into the bright flavors of this cocktail.

  19. While we’re at it, I’m also into the looks and sounds of this cake. Even though I typically don’t care for cake, I’m almost certain I’d happily shove my own face into this one.

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