Saturday Sites: Week Eleven


  1. I love ginger… and I most definitely love whiskey. Therefore, this ginger bundt cake with a citrus whiskey glaze caught my attention right away!

  2. You know, I have never birthed any children, but I’ve been voluntarily helping raise two kids since I was 22 years old. The thoughts in this post resonated immensely with where things are at right now.

  3. Sometimes a bad idea really is a good idea.

  4. The titles of these books had me cracking up. Many of them are questionable at the very best.

  5. My freshman college roommate was someone I knew for many years, as we were girl scouts together, then classmates for many years. Her parents used to make these banana cookies I could never quite figure out but loved to eat. The sound of this recipe reminded me of them and I bookmarked it right away.

  6. Yes. Just yes… to this list.

  7. When my girlfriend sent me a text laden with misspellings the other day, I told her it must be lunch time over there… because she never misspells things. My texts on the other hand… I’d say thank goodness for autocorrect, but I’m not sure that is always an accurate statement!

  8. I love french toast and I enjoy bagels… French toast bagels? Yes, please.

  9. One day I hope to become fluent in gibberish. This video had me absolutely mesmerized for every single minute.

  10. Even though spring is trying to appear, we have still been having some cooler evenings. This coconut-lime sweet potato and chickpea stew sounds like it’d be good on one of those nights.

  11. These food maps made up of real food are visually lovely. Even if the state of Oregon is made up of rice cakes (which I have zero desire to consume).

  12. This lemon buttermilk pie sounds precisely like something I would love to make and eat.

  13. These young folks swapped outfits with older relatives – fun idea.

  14. I’m entirely intrigued by this kung pao cauliflower recipe.

  15. These ideas for nine ways to be happier are straightforward and certainly they’ve been useful in my own experience.

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