Saturday Sites: Week Fourteen


  1. I love pasta. And spinach, lemon, cheese… This recipe is full of those loves.

  2. This cover of Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side by Joseph Arthur is beautiful. I’ve listend often this week.

  3. Having zero formal cooking training, I admit I have had failures along these lines in my life.

  4. This woman is inspiring and wonderful, funny, and intelligent. I thoroughly enjoyed this TED talk.

  5. I have been contemplating cutting out sugar for a while. This post helped reinforce some of the reasons behind my thinking.

  6. My favorite pickles at any taqueria we visit is always the pickled carrots. These homemade “taco pickles” sound like a fun experiment (I’d add lots of carrots).

  7. April Fools happened this week and REI’s prank was one of my favorites this year.

  8. Joy’s April Fools post on how to be the best blogger of all also made me laugh.

  9. These cookies have peaked my interest! Revisit the statement in #5 here… A battle of wills.

  10. My sister shared this video with me this week. So funny and true for siblings… Our parents named all four of us kids with names that begin with J. Needless to say, mistaken identity happened often. As well, my birthday is June 10th while my brother’s is July 8th. For numerous years I’ve received a happy birthday phone call on June 8th… ;)

  11. This vine video is horrible and hilarious. I laughed so hard and couldn’t look away!

  12. I love how perspective changes our perception of things

  13. I made a really good ice cream this week I’ll share with you next week. I think this flavor may be on my future experimenting list.

  14. This post about the Titanic may have made me lose a little faith in humanity. Seriously?

  15. I want to make this bread immediately. And maybe, maybe not share.

  16. Kids are brilliant and their shenanigans never fail to entertain me.

  17. When purple sweet potatoes show up around here again, I am making these buns.

  18. I stand by my thoughts on love being the ultimate answer. Now go get some graham crackers.

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