Saturday Sites: Week Twenty-Four


  1. I wouldn’t mind visiting just about all of these quirky places someday.

  2. This is my kind of dessert! Or breakfast…

  3. Oregon open skies are certainly lovely.

  4. Many of these photos are mind-stretching, beautiful, and interesting.

  5. This cake! Please and thank you.

  6. These 3-D renderings of human beings is wonderfully weird and creepy to me.

  7. I am certain, this is in our near-future.

  8. This post made me laugh. I am guilty of doing this. Except numbers 4 and 5. I just verbally, consistently, declare these.

  9. Wonderful, beautiful things you get to do when you are a parent! Number 13! Number 15! Bwahaha.

  10. I want to make this pasta and its sauce immediately.

  11. This article on the practice and necessity of handwriting fading out is fascinating.

  12. People and their doughnut doubles!

  13. Speaking of doughnuts… Yes, please.

  14. What emotion are you guided by? I got hope: You are a very hopeful person. You always see the glass as being half full, and for you, things can always improve and thrive. Your life is guided by your ability to see the bright side in every situation, to think of the rainbow after the storm. You always believe things can get better, and there could not be a better way to view this life. Keep up with the positive attitude and spread it around, we all need some more hope in our hearts.

  15. I’m curious about this zucchini sauce

  16. These words, for you.

  17. And these Thai curry noodles, for me. Or us.

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