Saturday Sites: Week Twenty-Five


  1. My hearing sucks. I mistake things people say all the time… These misheard lyrics are spot on in my mangled-hearing-brain.

  2. I secretly/not-so-secretly LOVE jelly doughnuts. These baked ones? Perhaps. They are worth the try in my book!

  3. This commercial had me dying of laughter. I never want to meet a vagician.

  4. These words from my newly 29-year-old heart are totally needed.

  5. I love the beauty of simplistic, delicious cakes. This one easily goes that list!

  6. This quiz says my spirit animal is a bear. “Like a bear, you are strong and confident. You don’t second guess or doubt yourself. You are tough in the face of adversity. If anything, having a challenge sharpens your mind and senses. You are born to lead, and you have no trouble taking action when the time is right. You are very proactive. You are rough when you need to be, but you are rarely hard on those in your life. You are a caretaker. You know a lot about healing and emphasize its importance. You know how to heal yourself and others. You take a lot of time for quiet, solitude, and rest. You don’t exert yourself unless it’s necessary.” What’s yours?

  7. I remember the majority of these toys

  8. I’m intrigued by the spicy sweetness of this cocktail!

  9. Bwahaha… Numbers 10, 13 and 21

  10. One of the best/infamous scenes from When Harry Met Sally, done as an improv performance… Hah!

  11. I love the color of this bread.

  12. Old people selfies are quite excellent!

  13. I knew some of these kitchen hacks, but a lot of them I also never heard of…

  14. This ice cream may or may not just blow. my. mind.

  15. 8 rules for altering baking recipes… Good to know!

  16. I could eat tofu every single day. This dish sounds like something I’d thoroughly enjoy!

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