Saturday Sites: Week Twenty-Eight


  1. I really loved this piece of writing.

  2. Shall I tell you how as a kid I could sit down and eat an entire box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch all by my lonesome, in one sitting…? Now as an “adult” I’d totally do it in milkshake form.

  3. People are just people… We all grow… up, older, wiser, wrinklier — the good stuff. P.S. I had a huge girl-crush on Devon Sawa from Casper and Now and Then. That is all.

  4. This story is terrible… and funny.

  5. This is Perfect.

  6. As a girl who isn’t afraid to admit she hates heights, even looking at some of these photos made me dizzy!

  7. I’m certain that I could eat this dip by the spoonful!

  8. Vanilla ice cream and french fries together were (and probably still would be) one of my favorite treats as a kid. Why are sugar and salt so good together?

  9. These colorized historical photos are fun to look through.

  10. Interesting, what age are children when their parents are the happiest?

  11. I’m certain we need one of these pans around here…

  12. Yes.

  13. These strawberry balsamic vanilla steel cut oats sound delicious.

  14. This woman lives in a garden and it’s incredibly cool, plus right up my hippie-alley…

  15. Here are 50 rules of vacation.

  16. This pot of beans/stew sounds incredibly flavorful. I feel it’s in our future soon.

  17. Eye color has always fascinated me. When I was little, my eyes were a dark shade of brown. My dad’s eyes are hazel, my mom’s brown. My mom’s parents – both brown, my dad’s parents – blue and hazel. Now in my late 20’s, my eye color varies between a light brown, hazel, brown with green rings… This chart is questionable ;)

  18. Not only is the color of this frosting incredibly beautiful, it sounds tasty as well!

  19. Oh no! I hope the cheese is not dead!

  20. Are you one of those folks who sweats profusely when working out? I am not… In fact, today was only the second time I’ve really broken a sweat while working out despite constantly pushing my body in ridiculously hard ways.

  21. Perhaps I’ll use that gorgeous colored frosting on this chai cake that I would love to devour…

  22. A good reminder/thought for this week:

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