Saturday Sites: Week Thirty-Two


  1. Note to self: please make this ice cream IMMEDIATELY.

  2. While I still have a never-had-a-baby-body, everything else on this list has felt relevant for the last 7 1/2 years.

  3. Well… pretty much.

  4. For you mamas of boys

  5. Blueberries are one of my favorite things, fresh or frozen… Here are some good reasons to enjoy them if you need convincing!

  6. Perhaps you’d like to enjoy them in bagel form?! I certainly would.

  7. Growing up in Hawaii, this list isn’t foreign sounding to me. Having lived through Hurricane Iniki, I understand even more so. As two hurricanes approach(ed) the islands this week, Honolulu Magazine released this list of “everything you need to buy to survive Hurricane Iselle” and I had to giggle a little, despite my understanding…

  8. I enjoyed this read and understand these feelings!

  9. HELL YEAH for this salmon banh mi! I would like this immediately, please and thank you.

  10. Pretty sure I needed to read this, this week.

  11. This one, too.

  12. If someone would come over and make this for me, I would love them forever.

  13. Bwahahaha… 2 cups flour! Stir! Don’t speak! Unfortunately, when I’ve “slaved all day,” this isn’t what happened.

  14. While I don’t think boys or sons should be left out of this discussion, I do think this is a beautiful article.

  15. YES to this.

  16. When we visited my father in law and his wife in South Carolina a few years ago, one of my favorite moments was being up at the crack of dawn with my husband before the kids got up, snagging two single-man kayaks and paddling around the lake.

  17. This is my preferred kind of cookie, I think.

  18. Although summer doesn’t exactly scream “SOUP!” at me, this roasted sweet corn and tomato soup most certainly does!

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