Saturday Sites: Week One

This was a fun way to keep up with things I wanted to remember finding around the internet from week to week, so I plan to keep the series around for 2015. Without further ado, here are some lovely places around the inter-webs over the past week:


  1. I am a fan of smooshy cats. I think I am mildly allergic, but cannot resist anyway. What’s better than big ‘ole smooshy cats? SMOOSHY CATS ON GLASS.

  2. Alright, I’m a little curious about this pasta.

  3. This is my heart often for perhaps the last two years.

  4. How to fold the world’s best paper airplane.

  5. Although I don’t think I’ve ever cooked orzo, I would love to begin trying it with this soup!

  6. I think there are some good lessons to learn here.

  7. Cookies for breakfast? Ohhhh why not?

  8. Really though, I rarely eat breakfast. But by mid-afternoon some days I am ravenous. This list of filling foods to eat in such times may be helpful…

  9. Do you have some excellent methods for tying scarves? Here are a few ideas

  10. This cracks me up more than it probably should

  11. I can, and do, appreciate this post! I assure you my kitchen has as many failures as successes… You just don’t get to see them! ;)

  12. These words.

  13. Let’s have these pancakes in our future.

  14. Thomas Kellar’s response to a very selfish, disdainful act, is admirable.

  15. Our deepest, darkest fears… turned into comic strips. Number 8… that duck. Bwahaha!

  16. I think these are lovely intentions for the coming year.

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