Day to Day Life: Week Seven

Here’s a quick glimpse at the last week:

I had a lunch date with my mother-in-law early in the week, at one of my favorite lunch/food spots in Ashland. Sammich pastrami never ever disappoints!
Forbidden Rice Blog | Sammich Ashland

My Aunt sent me a handful of photos that she found in my late Grandma’s collection. This is my 5th and 6th grade school photos. Aren’t they ridiculous? VESTS AND BANGS FOREVER (NEVER).
Forbidden Rice Blog |Kapa'a Elementary 5th and 6th Grade

We had Vincent’s girlfriend and his mom both over for dinner one night. Dinner included bourbon in the Old Fashions. I had never made one before. And couldn’t find maraschino cherries at our Co-op (plus I don’t like them) so I got these organic Oregon cherries. An excellent, tasty non-waxy substitute!
Forbidden Rice Blog | Old Fashion

Pizza dough on the rise.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Pizza Dough

For these pizza concoctions.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Pizza Concoctions

A post-bath Chicken looks like this! Complete with crazy “hair,” heating pad and knitted scarf.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Chicken Bath Hair

Yogi Tea wisdom.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Yogi Tea Wisdom

Wet veggie burritos one night!
Forbidden Rice Blog | Wet Veggie Burrito

My husband and I went out for an early Valentine’s Day lunch…
Forbidden Rice Blog | Larks Ashland

I got fried chicken…
Forbidden Rice Blog | Larks Ashland Fried Chicken

What are siblings for? Butt pillows, duh.
Forbidden Rice Blog | German Shepherds

Pink lilies from my Valentine.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Pink Lilies

Breakfast ‘taters!
Forbidden Rice Blog | Breakfast Potatoes

Silas made the All-Star Basketball Team, along with three of his teammates. They got to play in a special game this weekend.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Manny League Basketball Medford

Forbidden Rice Blog | Waffles

And a topping bar to make waffle pizzas.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Topping Bar Pizza

Spring weather around here… warmth in the day, blue skies… I keep waiting for snow!
Forbidden Rice Blog | Ashland Oregon

Little Chicken.
Forbidden Rice Blog | Chicken Pigeon

I hope you’ve had a good week!

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