Saturday Sites: Week Twelve

Forbidden Rice Blog | Saturday Sites Week 12

1.) Twenty Spring pasta recipes! (Because I can eat pasta every day!)

2.) 7 grown-up things you should have in your home by age 30.

3.) I’d like to make these soon.

4.) I would probably get one and a half, then cry.

5.) OOOH! I know a few folks I’d send these to!

6.) Sho nuff, lets eat all these noodles.

7.) Are you familiar with Google Feud? I play at the gym and laugh out loud like a crazy person.

8.) This soup sounds perfectly delicious!

9.) The three most important questions you can ask your teenager.

10.) I like this message.

11.) 22 things creative people do differently than most folks.

12.) Mmm, this cake!

13.) Things you should never say to couples without children. Seriously.

14.) I tried this method earlier in the week and made my first ever beautiful, perfect, poached egg!

15.) Despite being someone who didn’t like coconut for a very long time, this pie is screaming at me to make it!

16.) How to drive across the United States and hit a major landmark in every single state.

17.) Photos of photographers doing what it takes to get The Shot.

18.) Let’s toast each other with these Colorado bulldog floats.

19.) 29 reasons 29 is the weirdest age ever. I only have a few months left!

20.) These words.

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