Saturday Sites: Week Thirty


Some lovely places around the internet:

1.) These fries sound like something I’d thoroughly enjoy!

2.) This video (and music) make me happy.

3.) I really want to make this cake, ASAP!

4.) Three Daily Rituals That Stop Spouses from Taking Each Other for Granted.

5.) This salad is so pretty.

6>) 27 “Unladylike” Things That Women Absolutely Love Doing. I like all these things except number 2. I rarely have any makeup on my face, ever.

7.) A conversation.

8.) I like these “better” ways to measure your health that have nothing to do with the numbers on a scale.

9.) Okay, this video cracked me up.

10.) Oh, this ice cream is most definitely going on my list of things to make!

11.) The science of “hangry!”

12.) These words, for all of us.

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  1. MANDA says:

    <3 the conversation one. When I ask my lady residents at work what their occupation was I generally say "Did you work out side the home or inside the home?" They love it cuz their husbands usually answer "My wife didn't work, she was a housewife (or stay at home mom)" and I think…oy vey.

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