Saturday Sites: Week Thirty-Four


1.) OH NO. I think this video was made about me. Bwahaha.

2.) I can appreciate these wine pairings!

3.) This video… and wisdom is great.

4.) Would you swim in this pool?

5.) These enchiladas are on my list of things to make.

6.) What does your Myers-Briggs personality type say you were like as a child? I’m an INFJ.

7.) 24 American Behaviors Considered Rude in Other Countries.

8.) These are the best six seconds.

9.) 19 Relationship Truths Every Couple That Makes It Has To Accept Without (Too Much) Complaint.

10.) I’m unreasonably (or very reasonably) excited about this album.

11.) This art project.

12.) I really enjoy a glass of rosé these days… and I am not alone.

13.) Kara… I hope you do a version of this in November. Teeheehee!

14.) A public act of self-acceptance.

15.) These photos of the world’s oldest trees are gorgeous.

16.) These potatoes sound delicious!

17.) What happens when dad’s left alone with the baby?

18.) I love discovering new things to do with zucchini this time of year

19.) I can relate… and not always just on Mondays.

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