Saturday Sites: Week Nine

Saturday 9 2016

1.) This makes my OCD brain so happy.

2.) This cake is beautiful!

3.) I really, really don’t like the texture of rehydrated chia seeds. However! This pudding with its blended-up-ness intrigues me!

4.) Everybody’s mind has an asshole in it sometimes… ;)

5.) This post regarding Trump.

6.) Are you having a bad day?

7.) A lingerie company has studied, then decided, there are 7 boob types!

8.) One hundred hugs.

9.) On the day I die

10.) This look at the dresses during the Oscars.

11.) Hide and Seek with little kids never fails to crack me up!

12.) John Oliver regarding Trump.

13.) GAH! The anxiety!

14.) The secret meaning hidden within these 50 words

15.) After I die, this is my second best hope for what folks decide to do with me.

16.) Cookies for breakfast.

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