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Everyday Life: Weeks 18, 19, 20 and 21

I keep saying I’ll come back to this space and share tea number of recipes…yet the days seem to escape me, and here I am, 4 weeks since the last post…

A look at the last few weeks:

The garden is a-growing!

The downside to an approaching summer is knowing that I’ll be less inclined to heat our oven to 550 degrees in order to make homemade pizza.


Best photo of Percy. Haha

Homemade vegan BBQ!

From around the garden :)

When you provide food for your husband’s band rehearsal, after an afternoon of Little League… dips! Baguettes! Likened accessory foods!

When our german shepherds were getting older and sicker, these washable dog diapers helped us prolong having them with us. Who knew they’d come in handy when Miss Percy wasn’t feeling well and decided it was easier to wet the bed than go outside to use the bathroom…

My favorite…blueberry pie.

Even better, blueberry pie for dinner the next night.

This has been my favorite bread to make recently – garlic rosemary!

My dad came into town for a short 3-day visit.

Playing a game with Silas that my grandma taught me 20+ years ago.


We made a slightly impromptu trip to the Bay Area last weekend… Percy’s preferred car riding position (yes, please).

Both kids also came along.

Silas and I had chicken and waffles for dinner (bourbon ginger for me, strawberry lemonade for him) the first night.

Craig and I got up early the next morning to indulge in some straight-out-of-the-oven egg custard tarts in Chinatown.

This little snugglebutt is an indulgent fan of hotel room living.

Just as Silas was scanning the horizon, a handful of seals came out to play in San Francisco Bay.

Saturday morning finds in the city.

This boy is clocking in at nearly 5’7″ and 134 pounds. He’ll be 12 in just a couple weeks!

Golden Boy Pizza and a drive through the city for lunch.

Percy got to have her first beach experience. She wasn’t so sure about the water, but loved the sand-digging and running.

Vincent, Silas and Percy. The Golden Gate in the distance.

On the road home.

We brought home some Boudin Bakery sourdough…french toast was totally necessary for dinner ASAP.

While we were gone, the first of our poppies popped!

Little baby.

Homemade falafel night. With homemade hummus and tzatziki.

Sassy cat. “PET ME.”

Our gardens are coming along slowly…

How to prepare for hosting middle schoolers’ sleepovers. Ha.

Lazy bones.

My husband’s band played a fun show here in town!

That’s a wrap for now… hope you’re all well!

Day to Day Life: Week Fourteen

A glimpse at the last week, in photos:

Our Christmas cactus is loving the sunshine through our kitchen windows and therefore blooming like crazy.

This smoothie as breakfast/brunch/lunch/snacking.

Bourbon thirty is my favorite hour of the day.

Palak paneer in the making as per Vincent’s request.

Leftover palak paneer, pea and carrot biryani, and baked cauliflower potato pakoras for Vincent’s pre-water polo practice snack the following afternoon.

My husband shaved his head this week for the first time ever…

Homemade seitan one day for barbeque sammiches.


This week’s hardcopy, non-internet food reading.

A dressing experiment…

For a dinner salad experiment.

Little League season began this weekend.

This boy got to play catcher for a couple innings…


Looking sharp in his Reds uniform and matching catcher-gear…

Pre-dinner snacking material.

This picture that Silas drew, which currently resides on our refrigerator, makes me laugh. Apparently I can sport an 8-pack (aka FOOD pack) through my tank top. NICE. The dogs are one of my favorite parts about this picture.

Roasting some ‘maters, garlic, and onion for homemade enchilada sauce.

Crazy food brain results in a lot of things… homemade horchata, enchilada sauce, tortillas, enchiladas, beans, rice, mint cookie ice cream…

Cookie smash for ice cream making. Recipe later this week.

Silas’s first baseball game went well… His first hit brought two other players home! They won by a single point. (Apologies for the weird video blur.) He also enjoys taking multiple bases at a time, as often as possible… :)

I think I ate three burritos this week for three separate meals.

Hungry morning beast.

Buttermilk ‘cakes for a weekend morning.