Day to Day Life: Week 2


IMG_5949_zpsbad6d786I love how quiet it is when it’s snowing. Sitting on our front porch watching how each flake catches the wind seemingly in a different pattern while drinking a hot cup of coffee feels like well spent time.


f9f513ea592511e292fc22000a1f9806_7_zps2b94d2db This was one of my favorite meals for a while… for four days straight.

IMG_5779_zpse1bde0e5 I cleaned out the freezer this week. If it doesn’t look like it, just imagine the disaster before this picture. I felt creepishly like an adult while doing this – after all, what kind of non-adult gets excited about cleaning out the freezer? Seriously.

IMG_6014_zps0ae143cd Entirely normal every day life right here, folks.

IMG_4662_zpsf38e677c Rooftop snow patterns.

ce68b8e8587211e29cc222000a9f38cc_7_zpsc10f068e Salmon burgers on Dave’s Killer Bread with lemon dill aioli? Yes, sirs.

photo-2_zpsc6d7629b My sister sent me this coat for Christmas and I cannot get enough. Plus, hairs for days… in need of scissors, stat.

IMG_6046_zps098f3a3c So many lines I love.

IMG_5950_zps3b7f49e4 Somebody else has been enjoying watching the snowflakes gather.

IMG_5977_zps1e9c8072 Babies.

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