Carrot Apple Beet Kale and Ginger Juice


Let’s face it. Kitchen disasters are inevitable sometimes. And as life goes, when they happen, you either adapt or not. You might say a few choice curse words. You may say such words, look at the pile of dishes you just left dirtied, and choose to walk out of the kitchen for the rest of the day. Or, you figure out something that may half salvage your unplanned disaster and work accordingly. Note – not every disaster is salvageable. Sometimes it’s better to toss out the mess and start fresh. I half wish that was the route I took with the following juice.

My husband had owned the same juicer as long as I’ve known him. Half of the time, it wasn’t worth the effort to deal with cleaning the machine for the juice you were left with. And then there was the reality that often, the resulting discarded pulp and fruit could be hand-squeezed through cheesecloth and it would produce nearly as much juice as the machine, post-juicing!

Regardless, my stomach has been in a funk for the last couple of weeks. The only thing that sounded remotely appetizing was fresh juice. Beets. Carrot. Ginger. So I decided to give the ‘ole juicer another whirl. I got the carrots juiced, then the apples. By the time I got to my beets, which I’d so nicely skinned and quartered, the machine wouldn’t start. Unplug, re-plug, clean, plug, nothing… unplug. I felt like I was halfway there, and the color of freshly juiced carrots is so encouraging, after all.

So, this happened:


I threw the beets into the food processor and beat the crap out of them, until I was left with a ton of well-ground pulp. I hand squeezed that through some cheesecloth, which produced a decent amount of fresh juice… but also resulted in these:


Pulp balls. I made chocolate chocolate chip muffins the following morning, using the beet pulp. They were ridiculously moist and rich. Recipe will come soon.

This juice was precisely what I had been craving. I am not a fan of green juices, but the tiny bit of kale added just the slightest bite to an otherwise very sweet juice. It wasn’t overwhelming, but still very flavorful. Luckily we’ve got a new juicer on the way, so there will be more recipes to come and certainly lots of experimenting.

Carrot Apple Beet Kale and Ginger Juice

Makes about 32 ounces of juice

3 large carrots
2 large fuji apples
2 large beets, peeled
2-3 leaves lacinato kale
1- two inch piece ginger, peeled


Juice the carrots. Then juice the apples. Juice the beets. Juice the kale. And lastly, add the ginger to your juicer. Serve over ice.


6 responses to “Carrot Apple Beet Kale and Ginger Juice

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  2. We have a Breville and I still think it’s a pain to clean but def worth it. Can’t wait to see your muffin recipe. I used carrot pulp for some bread a couple times, so good. Hope you feel better soon!

    • Oh no! Not another pain-in-the-butt-to-clean machine! ;) Hopefully the reviews stand correct and this one’s not too bad, haha. I’m working on the beet pulp recipe right now. It’ll go up in the next day or so. I’d love your recipe for carrot pulp bread!

      • Well I’m lazy so cleaning anything is a pain in the butt lol. I’ll let you know when I have a solid recipe. The 2 times I tried it I just had a random amount of pulp that I tossed in with my whole wheat bread and left out a little of the dry ingredients.

  3. If I don’t have a juicer, could i just food process the whole thing and then squeeze out the juice?

    • Technically, I think you could… but I also think you’d end up with a lot of wasted fruit/vegetable/juice to go that route. PLUS it’s a giant pain the the @$$. I found a pretty inexpensive Breville juicer on Amazon the other day. They’re so fun and ultimately, they’ll save you money in the long run, especially if you’re buying juices at all :) Fresh juice can’t be beat, though. And it’s so good for you on top of that!

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