Day to Day Life: Week 5


IMG_8292_zps218714d3 What happens when you try to make juice, but mid-beet juicing your juicer decides to simply die? I don’t suggest what this photo says I decided to do. Beat remaining beets to pulp in your food processor, then hand squeeze them in cheesecloth. And then grind up the kale and ginger in the same fashion. Granted, this juice was tasty. But damn. It took four times as long as I’d planned on.

2d7c8a6a6a6811e2aa6822000a9f1730_7 Hand-squeezed beet pulp results in these funny looking balls. I recycled them though and made chocolate beet pulp muffins the following morning. Recipe coming soon.

IMG_4746_zps3c9716e4 Rain polka-dots.

64e86bb068e011e2aeda22000a1f973b_7_zpsfeab9103 Don’t buy these Trader Joe’s roasted plantain chips. Surely you will eat half the bag in ten minutes. For lunch. Along with a less than desirable PB&J chocolate bar. And two bloody marys.

IMG_8151_zps38a6ee32 Pasta mess. Including a whole lot of miscellany.

IMG_6928_zpseb0e3c9a 99% of the time – messy bun sportage.


IMG_8727_zpsce7f52f2Yogurt does funny things. Causes bug-eyes, whipping tongues, and lots of wet noses.

fd410a4e6b1911e290a322000a9f1438_7 Homemade spicy fish tacos with this slaw, cotija cheese, and a creamy avocado sauce. Yum.

IMG_8667_zps8d7a9cb7Vincent kicked some butt during his swim meets this week – first place in this race : )

IMG_8748_zps940b6279An experimental enchilada experience: creamy vegetarian turkey, spinach and cheese in flour tortillas. A certain 7-year-old was not so enthusiastic.

IMG_8700_zps9cd6ea07Homemade veggie hot dogs. And homemade hot dog buns. Because it’s more fun that way.

IMG_8926_zps7bcddb90Our February Saturdays consist of kid basketball.

6621888a6d6911e28a1722000a9f0a0c_7 Almond butter banana-nut granola. Win.

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  1. Beautiful pictures !
    Your dog looks so sweet.

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