Day to Day Life: Week 6

Picture1_zpsbd0ce18dSomewhere in my brain I decided it was a good week for a juice fast. This particular juice absolutely required me not breathing in while I drank. Kale, beets, beet greens, romaine lettuce, cucumber, celery, kiwi, meyer lemon, apples, ginger. However, it had the energy boost of about six cups of coffee.

photo_zpsd9647fb1 A couple days before my fast, my Southern born and raised mother-in-law made this delicious seafood gumbo, with shrimp, crab, and Field Roast sausages. It was delicious.

photo-5_zps9ec7714b Outside-the-house dogs wanting to be inside-the-house dogs…

IMG_9272_zpsa137543e I chopped off a foot of hair this week… Still long. However, the potential for dipping said hairs in bourbon, into the gas burner on our stove, in the dish water while doing dishes… has diminished almost entirely. I hadn’t had a hair cut in over two years. It was time.

photo-1_zps2a8d4468 Plus I got to send off the lopped of tresses to a good cause, where hopefully someone will find a little happiness.

IMG_9249_zps4475a4ea This granola has been a big hit in our house. I made a double batch this week.

IMG_9280_zps955ed823 I love watching carrot juice and beet juice being made. So vibrant. (And tasty.)

photo-1_zpsc065077d Little lady always ready for play time…

photo-1 Creepers.

e64268ec-7cab-4c6b-89f2-8d37306745ea_zps60c6252c Leeks! For a yummy winter soup coming your way next week.

IMG_9362 Pink hillsides in the late afternoon cold.

IMG_9368_zpsbe4daab1 This 7-year-old dude got to try out for minor league baseball this weekend. Despite being the youngest guy out there, he kicked butt!

IMG_9403_zps0eca675e Immediately after minors try-outs the same little boy had a basketball game where he scored basket after basket, after basket…

photo-2 Another recipe coming soon for a warm beet green salad with beets, pine nuts and goat cheese…


First cup of coffee for the week. Black.

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4 Responses to Day to Day Life: Week 6

  1. Wendy Martin says:

    I enjoy your blog. Thank you.

    • Thank YOU, Wendy!

      I hope you make it down this way sooner than later.

      We could drink some tea and you could enlighten me about how much of a better gardener you were in this home than I am! Haha – I’ll cook us a meal in exchange for some gardening knowledge : )

  2. I really like your pictures !
    Especially the one of the Pink Hillsides, what a beautiful view

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