Day to Day Life: Week Fifty-One {5 1}

A quick look at the last week:


While we haven’t had any new snow, everything around here has consistently been frozen and icy, still. My husband can attest to the ice, as he took a major fall this week, landing directly on his ribcage. Thankfully there were two men driving by who noticed him laid out on the icy sidewalk in front of our neighbor’s house. They came to let me know and then proceeded to help him up…


The contents of this bowl probably appear questionable, at best… but grits and veggie sausage gravy? So creamy and delicious.


Leftover gravy meant “shit on a shingle” for dinner the following night – fancied up with tempeh bacon and a sunny-side up egg.


Blueberry apple sauce for waffle dinner night.


Auto-correct on my iphone is 50% frustration and 50% entertainment. This was a conversation about dinner-making for the night. Cracked me up.


A morning of nuttiness.


So I could make these two types of chocolate bark for friends and loved folks. (Recipes soon-ish!)


Sunshine and frost. With a side of snow.


On an afternoon filled with too much bourbon, “white girl tacos” seemed like a good dinner idea. Fried tofu with cheese, brown rice, spring salad greens, guacamole from the only avocado in the house, sriracha, and canned black beans. On homemade tortillas, duh. Because even under the sway of alcohol, I still only like tacos on homemade tortillas.


Up until this year, I’ve used the same sugar cookie dough recipe for two decades. I tried something new, with lots of nutmeg and yogurt in the batter. These cookies are awaiting their decorative future.


Although I often try not to incorporate artificial food coloring into things I cook, can I tell you these food coloring pens are my current favorite way to decorate Christmas cookies?! They are so much easier to deal with than additional frosting or cookie toppings I usually don’t like (i.e. anything hard and crunchy! Sprinkles, candy pieces, nuts, etc.).


Vincent (on the left) hosted the high school talent show along with two buddies, who are also on the water polo team. The Gangly Three were just as entertaining as everybody in the actual show!


Dough balls and bourbon : A Friday…


And because homemade pizza’s still my favorite thing.


Crepes for breakfast, two mornings in a row. Silas said, after clearing his plate, “Julie, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but these crepes… They’re not really my favorite thing… Can I have another one, though?” Hah I offered to fill the next round with something other than peanut butter and jelly. We opted for three cheeses. He ate three or four of those variety…


And finally, because carbs are apparently my favorite food group… Jalapeño macaroni and cheese, using quinoa elbow pasta (my favorite gluten-free pasta variety!).

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