Day to Day Life: Week 21

The last week looked a bit like this:



Some weeks certainly require doughnuts.


We dug out our front yard last fall and in the process, took out many of the poppies that have always bloomed in abundance this time of year… I was happy to discover that a good portion of the bright orange perennials came back this year… This is the first little guy of the season.


My favorite girlfriend.


I’ve got about 50 more tomato babies that eventually need transferring to the garden, or to be passed along to friends. All of the seeds we planted this year are from Leo’s tomatoes. I’m excited – these are Brandywine tomatoes – a variety we haven’t planted before.


Early in the week, while my in-laws were still here, the three of us went out to lunch while C was working. I had heard of Jasper’s Cafe before and it seemed like a good opportunity to drop by the well known burger joint around here. While the menu consists of well over 40 types of burgers, including wild boar, elk, kangaroo, and kobe beef, I opted for the above Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich. It was perfectly spicy with complex flavors, balanced with mango. I got a chai milkshake to go along with my sandwich… I would certainly recommend Jasper’s to anyone looking for a good meal. I am looking forward to experimenting with a vegetarian version of this sandwich.



This cocktail was a winning situation this week.


Snow topped hillsides mid-week… because this is Ashland Oregon in the Spring and the weather never can decide what it wants…


Just a bit of waffle math.


Because waffles for dinner two nights in a row was necessary.


Maybe chocolate waffles for dessert, too? With chocolate and peanut butter sauce? And fresh strawberries and bananas?


The Spice and Tea Exchange recently opened in Ashland. It was a fun little place to explore.


Personally picked strawberry loot.



Lettuce bucket’s starting to produce some baby lettuces.


Our roses are blooming like crazy these days.


A thrown together meal that will come your way soon… I love unplanned meals that turn out better than expected.


Green and white.


Hide and seek. That was the sweetest strawberry yet.


Breakfast for dinner. (Again.) (Still a win-win.)

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  2. Kelsey says:

    I love your photos :)

  3. Sam Han says:

    Everything is just so gorgeous! There is so much life here! And oh, I envy your loot, lol… My strawberry farm trip had small sour one and not for free picking :(

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